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Pawn, Buy, Sell, Trade
(615) 360-2274
Pawn, Buy, Sell, Trade
(615) 360-2274

About Us/Services

Why sell your items to a Pawn Shop?

When an unexpected expense comes your way or an emergency arises, One Stop Money Shop is your quick cash solution provider. We make getting a loan on your items simple and hassle-free. You may not realize how much money you can raise by pawning your items and getting a loan such as:  tools, firearms, jewelry, electronics, and musical gear.
Wondering where to sell gold? Look no further than our pawn shops; we offer cash for gold at the best rates in Nashville. Don’t be fooled by companies that ask you to send them gold via mail – you’d be risking losing your gold and the value of your items. We accept gold coins, scrap gold, gold jewelry, pieces of gold, and other precious metals.
Bring in anything of value to be considered and our pawnbrokers will access the worth of your item based on a number of factors: condition, marketability, and resell value. Pawning your items outright for quick cash only takes minutes.

Items We Accept

Most people would be surprised to find out what they can get for their valuables. In many cases, our customers aren’t aware that they can  get a loan with their unwanted goods.
One Stop Money Shop accepts anything of value including, jewelry (even the broken bits and pieces), scrap gold, precious metals, cameras and camera equipment, musical instruments and gear, electronics, computers, flat-panel TVs, game systems, DVDs and video games, guns and other personal defense equipment, gold coins, collector’s gold coins, construction equipment, used tools and much more.
Bring in any of your unwanted valuables that are lying around the house and turn them into quick cash or get a loan! Our professionals are always looking for new and unique items.

Assessing Value

You can be certain that you will always get a fair and honest assessment at our One Stop Money Shop – our pawnbrokers stay up-to date with market values and resell prices. When you bring in your merchandise, one of our knowledgeable staff members will walk you through the assessment process. You can be sure you are in good hands with any of our pawnbrokers, who use the latest research tools and strive to get you the maximum amount of cash for your personal property. Your valuables will be appraised based on a number of factors, but overall the evaluation process varies depending on the type of item up for pawn. For example, rings are evaluated much differently than firearms or used tools. For a gold ring, we would assess the percentage of gold (karats), whereas for used tools we would test functionality, wear, etc.

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